Pillow Castle
Installation, Mixed Media, 2021

Take Me Somewhere Nice
creates a heterotopic space within Seelab by arranging collected objects chosen by the artists in juxtaposition to the space and to each other.

The artists are assigned to create a specific environment or collect objects with particular intimate stories, symbols, memories or personal values to the artist - and this approach allows the opportunity to gather seemingly random objects that are almost unrelated to each other.

This juxtaposition of objects in an art space creates a sense of the other, which refers to the previously mentioned heterotopia. Because of these myriad of memories, the space may function like a time capsule, or an archive, as the objects stacks time infinitely.

For every person playing in a different role, this space, which is structured outside the existing system, order, norms and values, has different and unique functions and meanings.The final balance found in the incompatibility may be "somewhere nice”

participating with Nabila Ayu Aviani, Maria Ilieva, Yan-Zhi Kang, Anna Lesiczka, Alicja Mackiewicz

photo by Anke van den Berg (first 3) and Evalotte van Rossen (last 3)

presented in Seelab, The Hague, 2021

Pillow Castle, presented in the Seelab, The Hague, 2021